going green

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valentine lips | free printable |

Happy Valentine's Day! I was inspired to make these valentine lips from this post here.



my teacher blog

I have been busy getting my teacher blog ready. Click here to visit my new blog!


cupcake toppers: young womens | free printable |

I made these cute cupcake toppers for YW New Beginnings... We were supposed to have it in February, but it has been pushed back to March. Anyways, I hope some of you can use these for your New Beginnings! You can use them as cupcake toppers or use them as a tag. (Sorry no pics!)
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Click picture to download! (I made a few more "faith" ones because I couldn't decide on the font...)

I'd love to see what you do with these!



valentine's day: DIY heart streamers

I love decorating for Valentine's Day.

My (super cute and wonderful) sister helped me make these adorable heart streamers... I did the cutting and she did the sewing.

What do ya think?

They are simple, yet so adorable and perfect for Valentine's Day (and they cost nothing--cuz I already had the paper).

I got the idea from an earlier post I did here.

Now go make your own! You know it will be easy!


cupcake toppers: be my valentine | free printable |

So it is pretty much clear that I am obsessed with cupcake toppers. Maybe it's because they are so easy to make, yet they make such a huge/cute difference? I dunno.

Anyways, here are the lovely V-Day cupcake toppers:

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a valentine's tea invitation | free printable |

At my house, we are starting a new tradition: A Valentine's Day Tea! It will be for the grandkids and all my sisters. Cupcakes, candy, herbal tea, pink lemonade, and other yummy desserts will be served. Oh ya... and they have to dress in their fanciest, most beautiful attire. I am already thinking of cute Valentine's Day activities, decor, and crafts! Good thing I have nearly a month to get everything ready.

Here are the invites I'll be sending out to my family tomorrow:

Below is an invite for you, if you want to have your own valentines tea. Since my design shoppe is closed (for now -- until I am not super busy with my classroom) I decided to give you this invite for no charge! To use it, just click the image below, then when it takes you to a new browser window, right click the image, and save to your computer. Then you can edit it in any program you choose and put in your own details. This invite is presented to you "as is" and I can't make any additional changes. Sorry!

In return for this cute invite (and any other free printables on this blog) I ask that you leave me a comment letting me know that you LOVE it and of course, please become a follower and show your support! I also love to hear what you did with the printables.

So remember, more support means more inspiration and more inspiration means more FREE printables for you! Yay!

For YOU:

Valentine Crafts Coming Soon:
  • heart cupcake toppers
  • teacher gift/valentine
  • valentine crafts around the web (send me a message if you have one to share)
  • heart chandelier
  • sewn heart streamers
  • kid valentines
  • and more!