valentine's day: DIY heart streamers

I love decorating for Valentine's Day.

My (super cute and wonderful) sister helped me make these adorable heart streamers... I did the cutting and she did the sewing.

What do ya think?

They are simple, yet so adorable and perfect for Valentine's Day (and they cost nothing--cuz I already had the paper).

I got the idea from an earlier post I did here.

Now go make your own! You know it will be easy!


Trina Curran said...

Oh, my goodness! I just found you today and I am in paper heaven! I love the Olivia party hats in the hat post too..I was just looking for Olivia things for my daughter's party. Well, there they are! Hooray!

Cassie said...

I love them!! I love hearts. I think I am leaving my Valentine decorations up the whole year. They make me feel SO happy!