birthday week: paper garlands

I love anything to do with crepe paper, so when I saw this, I knew I had to share it with you. It is a darling crepe paper garland with fancy fringe! I found it over at The Gaines Gang and you can view the tutorial here.

This next garland is so modern and it looks so easy to make!
I found it over at Jupiter Buttons and you can view more pictures here and here.

I instantly fell in love with the paper garlands created by Paper Acorn. They are so unique and delicate. I love them all, but these are a few of my favorites.
Check out more of the collection here.

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Melissa said...

Oh, I just love garlands! These are adorable.

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Thanks so much for highlighting me here. You have found some fabulous ideas.

I can't wait to soak up you blog.

Thanks again!


Together We Save said...

Wow - all of those garlands were so cute!!

Brianna! said...

these are so pretty and festive, in the most non-cheesy way!